Financial Insights: Testimonio de Golden Star

Financial Insights: Testimonio de Golden Star

Conozca cómo se beneficia Golden Star al contar con un plan único adaptado a sus necesidades para proteger, administrar y desarrollar su empresa con Financial Insights de BB&T.

PAUL HSIEH: We have been in this business for 15 years. We sell all the sheet metal and trim for classic USA cars. We are not a regular car parts dealer. It's a niche.

MARVIN MCHELLON: He's one of the few distributors of classic auto parts in the United States. When you can sit down, and the client knows that you've done some research, you understand their industry, you know how they're operating cycle works, and you're able to provide little nuggets of advice, it really goes a long way. I've had several times where I've sat down with clients, and they would say, man, how do you know this much about my business? I mean, no other bank has ever done this with me.

PAUL HSIEH: I say, I never deal with the bank who try to understand what you're doing before. It's 15 years of business. This is the first time. It's more like a partnership, because you need somebody to talk to to be sure that you're doing it the right way-- doing the right thing.

MARVIN MCHELLON: If you can mention one or two things that maybe the client hasn't thought about, or maybe they have been thinking about, it really makes a difference.

PAUL HSIEH: We've been trying to transform our product line to a high profit margin product. And looking at our financial statement for last two years, you can tell our profit margins increased a couple percent. That's huge for wholesale like us. It's big. Yes.

MARVIN MCHELLON: To have a lot of my personal beliefs aligned with the organization that I work with is extremely important to me. And BB&T's financial insights platform really has a lot of different uses. And it's going to add a lot of value to the relationships that we have, both with our clients and the communities that we serve.

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