Tarjeta MyLink para empleadores

Conozca acerca de la tarjeta MyLink para empleadores

Mire cómo BB&T puede ayudarle a reducir sus gastos en nómina y permitirles a sus empleados acceder fácilmente a su salario.

Have you considered using BB&Ts MyLink payroll card as an alternative to paper checks for your employees? If you have employees that don't have a bank account, this could be the perfect solution. Give your employees a convenient, safe way to get their pay, and increase participation and direct deposit, while saving your company time, and reducing costs. Here's how it works. 

Your employees sign up for BB&Ts is MyLink payroll card. Your company transmits payroll funds to BB&T through a single direct deposit ACH file. This can be done directly for through your third party service provider. Funds are then automatically loaded into each employee's MyLink account, which they can access immediately using a MyLink payroll card. It's that simple. 

Get the benefit of eliminating a lot of the time and expense involved in processing pay checks. Everything from account reconciliation to check printing, lost or stolen check replacement, bank processing fees, and more, BB&Ts MyLink payroll card makes it easy to ensure on-time pay. 

Even if you operate in multiple locations, across multiple time zones, the savings in effort and cost will enable you to reallocate valuable resources to more important tasks, all while giving your organization a valuable advantage in attracting and retaining employees by providing a convenient and secure alternative to paper checks. 

Employees get quick and easy access to their pay. The MyLink payroll card is a Visa debit card that they can use at millions of locations worldwide, in stores, online, over the phone, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. And employees have 100% fraud protection thanks to Visa zero liability and BB&T complete client protection. 

They can also withdraw funds at ATMs. Their first withdrawal per pay period is even complementary at any BB&T ATM, and employees have access to easy to use account management any time they want it through BB&Ts online banking services and mobile app. It's a true win-win, good for your business and great for your employees. So have you considered using BB&Ts MyLink payroll card? To learn more, contact your BB&T relationship manager, or call 1-810-5625. BB&T, member FDIC.

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