Nicky Walters

Nicky Walters

Escuche la historia de un veterano y comprador de primera vivienda de Kinston, NC.

My name is Nicky Tyrone Walters, Jr. I was born and raised right here in Kinston, North Carolina. I went in the Army May 13, 1992. I was proud to serve, very proud. It has been a dream of mine that I've always wanted to do, to have my own home, and be able to live in it, and call it mine. 

He had, for many, many years, struggled with his health. And as a result, that had caused his credit to decline somewhat. I think their preconceived notions were that they would be told at the last minute that they could not get the house. This was just too good to be true. 

His main goal was to get a home, to make sure that we would have something here for us to call home. BB&T stepped to the plate to make sure that the Walters family had the home of their dreams. 

What I view as success is that I was of service to someone. We were able to assess what his needs were, and we were able to get him prequalified. And he then went about the task of finding a home. 

When I walked in through the doors, I said, this is it, this is the house, everything I wanted. 

BB&T made it very simple. There was a lot of paperwork, but you did it in segments. Once everything got done, it wasn't hard as what I thought it was going to be. 

I do get emotionally attached to, especially first-time homebuyers, they are really trying. They need hope. So you want the house for them just as much as they want it for themselves. The favorite part of my job is telling homebuyers, first-time homebuyers that your loan is fully approved. That's my favorite part. 

This is the American dream. Everybody wants to own their own home and have things of their own. And I remember the excitement when he came and he told me, Pastor, guess what, I'm buying my own home. 

I've never seen my dad smile any bigger then when he got this house. And by me being a daddy's girl, it's like the best thing in the world to see him smile as big. It feels wonderful. We actually have a yard that we can enjoy. We always have somebody to come over, no matter what time of day it is. 

Barbecues, everybody comes. My family-- I just love my family. It's just it's a miracle from God. 

Seeing Nick and Clara [INAUDIBLE], it is just a blessing because I know both of them have struggled. Sometimes you just want to bust down in tears. 

Everybody have a dream to have that. And he's achieved his dream. He worked for it. He earned it. 

I'm so proud of it. 

I have a pretty roomy house now thanks to BB&T. 

It's just a-- It's just a great feeling to call something of your own, this is my home. 

Thank you for just giving me the opportunity to be able to do what they have allowed me to do. And without them, buying a house wouldn't be possible.

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