U en 90 segundos: alertas

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Aprenda cómo protegerse al configurar alertas en U de BB&T.

[CLOCK TICKING] Welcome to U in 90 Seconds, everybody. Today we're going to talk about how you can protect yourself by setting up alerts in U by BB&T. Look, it's tough out there. It's no secret that there are bad guys who are constantly trying to steal your personal information. That's why we offer real-time alerts about your account transactions so you'll know instantly when your account's being used. If something looks suspicious, you can react quickly to stop potential fraud from taking place on your account, because chances are, you're probably not in Brazil buying a bunch of gift cards at a gas station right now. 

Now some alerts are set up automatically. But to fully take advantage of all the alerts we offer, you'll need to set them up. Good news is it's fast and easy to do that. If you're in the mobile app, go to the menu and select Alerts. 

If you're on a web browser, go to your profile and select Alerts. Then go to the Email and Mobile Settings page to edit or add your contact information so you can receive alerts. Next, go to Edit and Add Alerts and select your accounts. From here, just pick the alerts you want turned on, your email and mobile number, and select Submit. It's that easy. 

Now that you have alerts set up, if you see a suspicious transaction, contact us right away, either by calling the number on the screen or coming to a BB&T branch. We'll do our best to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. That's it for today. If you've got feedback or questions, we'd love to hear them. Thanks so much for checking out this episode, and have a great day.

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