¿Cuáles son los beneficios de MoneyAccount de BB&T?

Más información acerca de los beneficios de MoneyAccount de BB&T

Vea lo fácil que es administrar su dinero de manera inteligente con una tarjeta de débito prepagada de BB&T.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Managing money wisely is something we can all use some help with. And BB&T has found a way to make it easier, a lot easier. Open a BB&T money account, and you'll have access to a prepaid transaction account that comes with a Visa debit card, but only lets you spend the money you have. 

No late fees. No risk of overdrafts. No way to get in over your head. And it will never damage your credit. You're always in control. And you can still take advantage of all the benefits and services you'd expect from a BB&T account. You can even share an account with your spouse, child, relative, or friend. 

It's easy to get started with a BB&T money account. There's no minimum credit score required. You don't need to have a separate bank account. And there's no minimum balance to keep. 

Simply deposit money in the account and then use it when you need it, without ever worrying about things like interest rates and monthly balances. You pay a low $5.00 monthly fee or $3.00 if you load at least $1,000 on your card in any given month. Other fees may apply based on usage. 

We've made it easy to load funds, too, with free direct deposit available for payroll checks, tax refunds, even government benefits. And you can load funds any time at any of our 1,800 plus BB&T financial centers or at more than 50,000 other locations using Visa's Ready Link Network. And of course, you can transfer funds directly from your other BB&T accounts. 

Accessing your account is even easier, because your money account visa card can be used just like a Visa debit card at stores, online, over the phone, for almost anything at millions of locations worldwide. You can even use it to pay bills. Plus withdraw cash for free at any BB&T ATM or financial center. Or get cash back at many merchant locations when you make a purchase. 

You can also view account information whenever you want-- online, on your mobile device, or in person. And you can breathe easier knowing your money's safe because you'll enjoy 100% fraud protection, thanks to Visa Zero Liability, and BB&T Complete Client Protection. 

Bottom line, a BB&T money account is an easy way to control spending and simplify the way you manage your money. To learn more, visit BBT.com/MoneyAccount.

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