Financial Insights: Testimonio de Smooth On

Financial Insights: Testimonio de Smooth On

Conozca cómo se beneficia Smooth On al contar con un plan único adaptado a sus necesidades para proteger, administrar y desarrollar su empresa con Financial Insights de BB&T.

[MUSIC PLAYING] TREY BIANCO: Smooth-On's a manufacturing company. We make liquid rubber and liquid plastics. People don't know of us, but they see us all the time in movies for all of the sets and scenery and special effects that goes on.

RON DONCHEZ: Financial Insights really is a cut above, I believe, what a lot of our competitors are doing. It clearly allows you to have an ongoing dialogue on what their business is about and what they're doing, and how we could show them value beyond just traditional nuts and bolts of banking. It's really not about sales, it's about looking at what services we can provide that add value to Smooth-On.

TREY BIANCO: With respect to Ron, I take personal pride in the fact that he always knows what's going on in real time. And over the last 30 years, we've bought 29 different companies. Ron took it upon himself to make sure that we always had the borrowing capacity in place to make those moves. So we always have a war chest available. We're always able to be nimble and pick up opportunities as they become available.

We identified the resources that BB&T offered, but it was the addition of the Leadership Institute that really set them apart. Revolutionary change in a business model is championed by its leadership. This is a facility which allows leaders for the first time to really focus on themselves. If you can understand yourself better and then project yourself with others in a way where you're actively listening, that was a huge insight for me.

RON DONCHEZ: The Leadership Institute, that was just an outstanding opportunity for us to show what our bank's really about. And that never would have occurred without Financial Insights.

TREY BIANCO: These are long-lasting experiences that will touch me for the rest of my life. And you can't help but reassure the bank that their investment is in a good place, that this actually actively helps improve the companies that they're working with.

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