Financial Insights: Testimonio de Well Care

Financial Insights: Testimonio de Well Care

Conozca cómo se beneficia Well Care al contar con un plan único adaptado a sus necesidades para proteger, administrar y desarrollar su empresa con Financial Insights de BB&T.

ZAC LONG: The first thing to know about Well Care is that we are a family business. It was founded 31 years ago by my parents, Wayne and Tanya Long. We provide a wide range of home health care services, as well as assistance with activities of daily living. We just recently opened our first office outside of North Carolina, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and plan to open a number of other offices moving westward across South Carolina.

WANDA COLEY: Well Care is a dynamic organization. I've been very impressed that BB&T takes the time to have a formal way to really take a deep dive into our organization and ask the right questions. A financial partnership is more than just transactions. There has to be more value than that. And BB&T certainly has stepped up to the plate in that way. And the Financial Insights tool helps on both sides, for both parties.

CHARLIE MATTOX: All banks offer loans. All banks offer deposit accounts. All banks offer debit cards. But yet very few distinguish themselves above the rest. This process through Financial Insights does that, because it allows our clients to see how we can play a role in supporting them in their growth efforts.

ZAC LONG: My father, Wayne Long, he was the CEO. He passed away. So we had a number of transition points on our leadership team.

WANDA COLEY: When Charlie came to meet with me after that event, he came with the Financial Insights and said, "Wanda, let's go through this so that I can understand and make sure that we're both on the same page."

CHARLIE MATTOX: We were prepared to support them through the challenging time, and that we would do all we can to help them not just for the sake of the bank, but because it was the right thing to do.

ZAC LONG: We hold ourselves at Well Care to very high standards, because we feel like our patients and our communities deserve that. And we very much appreciate that when our partners hold themselves to that similar high standard.

CHARLIE MATTOX: This process is really a lot about listening to our client. There's no other company who is reaching out to sit down with clients and understand their strategic plans, as though we were in the planning session when they did it within their executive teams.

ZAC LONG: The depth of expertise really across the board makes him a tremendous advisor and a partner for us.

CHARLIE MATTOX: The company, the executive team, even through the transition have not missed a beat. I really believe that the future is extremely bright.

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